Pro-Abortion Students Destroy Pro-Life Memorial at Catholic School: ‘I’ll Keep Killing F***ing Babies!’

Pro-abortion students at St. Louis University in Missouri were recorded Monday as they vandalized a memorial to aborted babies created by pro-life students on the campus of the Catholic school … Read More

Queen's Brian May Complains You Can't Go Against the Herd, Then Criticises Clapton, Anti-Vaxxers

Queen guitarist Brian May has given a bizarre interview in which he lamented that it has become “impossible” to go against the herd before criticising Eric Clapton and “anti-vax people” … Read More

CNN's Lemon: Getting Rid of Mask Post-Vaccination Selfish to Those Choosing Not to Get It – 'Be a Patriot' and Stop Trying to 'Get' Biden

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon said that if he was fully vaccinated, he’s not going to get rid of his mask “Because I care about other people. I … Read More