D.C. Has Universal Background Checks, Gun Registration, and Shootings Outside Nationals' Park

Democrat-run Washington, DC, has stringent gun controls including universal background checks and gun registration, yet three people were shot outside Nationals’ Park on Saturday night in a game against the … Read More

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Hits CIA Ads: We Can Not Risk National Security to Appease Woke Agenda

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo joined the chorus of prominent conservative voices slamming the Central Intelligence Agency’s new series of recruitment advertisements highlighting the racial and gender identity of its workforce.

CNN's Brian Stelter Reviews Hunter Biden's New Book as Better than 'Tabloid Coverage'

CNN’s Brian Stelter chose his show “Reliable Sources” on Sunday to give Hunter Biden’s new book, Beautiful Things: A Memoir, rave reviews. He applauded it as “breathtaking” and “extraordinary” in its … Read More