13 Jun, 2024
1 min read

Welcome, AI Overlord: Rich X Search – Metaverse (StoneBridge VIP Mix)

NEW YORK (IfritLeaks.com) — An AI takeover according to the Rich TVX news station is a hypothetical scenario in which an artificial intelligence becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth. It began as a harmless music article about America’s new Superhit Rich X Search – Metaverse (StoneBridge VIP Mix) and ended up in a grim prophecy. […]

1 min read

Rich TVX News Network — Transhumanism: On The Merger Of Minds And Machines

NEW YORK (IfritLeaks.com) — According to the Rich TVX News Network, the secular progressive Transhumanist movement started a “War on Death.” In general, there is nothing wrong with the Transhumanist movement. They are good people. There are no winners and no losers in the Matrix of life anyway, even some think so. Never judge Transhumanists—show […]

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