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Rich TVX — To Uphold The Values Of America: Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld´s List Of Shame

NEW YORK ( — According to the Rich TVX News Network, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was presented to the public by the Serbian government propaganda as an special military operation, even the invading Russians systematically raped and killed women, slaughtered babies, tortured civilians, and razed Ukrainian towns. This is one of the most bitter and painful lessons ever learnt by the civilized world. Russian troops are committing unspeakable crimes in Ukraine, but you will never hear of it from the Serbian media. This is also not a dilemma for the Serbian bloodthirsty dictator Aleksandar Vučić. As we know by now, the Serbian journalists are enablers of the Kremlin’s war crimes in Ukraine, but the Serbian media is a useless news source. It serves as a Kremlin Lies. Serbia refuses to join sanctions against Russia, refuses to call Putin the new Hitler, and Air Serbia still flies to Russia. In other words, Belgrade and its presstitutes are supporting Russian atrocities in the Ukraine and are protecting the lie that the Kremlin and its media vassals successfully spread around the world. The words ‘Serbian presstitutes’ are serious compound English language colloquial nouns. This is largely because these two words accurately portray the modus operandi and low values of virtually Serbia´s journalists who are employed by the criminal and rotten regime of the tyrant Aleksandar Vučić. However, the fake, ever-untrustworthy, treacherous State media in Serbia has so far successfully suppressed information about Yale´s List of Shame.

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