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NEW YORK (IfritLeaks.com) — According to the Rich TVX News Network, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that evil has returned to Ukraine as he gave an emotional address for Victory Day, when Europe commemorates the formal surrender of Germany to the Allies in World War Two. Those who have read the Rich TVX News Network bulletins in the past know that they undertook a study of Putin’s Russia over the last 22 years because theyoften wondered why the Russian people did not condemn the Putin regime and their fake criminal oligarchs with one unified and courageous voice. The answer is that there´s a Predator that came from the depths of Russia and took over the rule of lives in Russia. We were interested in why Russia was seduced by false promises of a great and glorious Russia. Answer: Human beings are its prisoners. Destruction, evil represent—that´s his proper element. Yet the Putin regime will forever serve as an example of brutality and extreme fascism run amok. What led the Kremlin to such extreme ends? The Predator is the lord and master. He has rendered them docile, helpless. Indeed they are held prisoners! Does it sound monstrous? Why not? You haven’t heard all the claims yet. The atrocities committed by the Russian troops in Ukraine are in a class by themselves. When we think of Putin Russia, we immediately think of the war crimes in Ukraine, the brutal murder of the Ukrainan people, other “undesirables.” and even innocent animals. What justification do the Russian barbarians have when they bombard entire Zoo Parks with innocent animals? Are the animals Nazis too? It is said that after God died in Putin’s Russia, Heavenly Russia is in decline. For when God is dead, the Russian troops become untamed beasts, but we need to realize that there were circumstances and widely accepted ideas that enabled the Russian population to become a part of an evil that was greater than that of any individual. The Russians had become accustomed to false doctrines which were interpreted to mean that God is Lord of the Russian Orthodox Church, one of the largest autocephalous, or ecclesiastically independent, Eastern Orthodox churches in the world, but the new Russian Tzar (or Putin) is, after a manner of speaking, lord over the political sphere in Russia. Allegiance to the political sphere was as high and honorable a duty as was one’s allegiance to God. Indeed, allegiance to God was best demonstrated by allegiance to the Kremlin. We opposed how Zelensky spoke to President Biden before the invasion, but here he is right when he says: “The evil has returned. Again! In a different form, under different slogans, but for the same purpose. Ukraine and its allies will win. No evil can escape responsibility, it cannot hide in a bunker.” Read more here.

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Oh snap! You're watching Rich TVX News Network! The source of raw, breaking news.

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