19 Jul, 2024
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Top House Intel. Dem: Sanctions Aren't Hurting Russia, Biden's Handcuffing Ukraine Too Much

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) stated that Russia’s economy is “doing just fine” because China and India are buying their oil and while the delays in supplying Ukraine has hurt The post Top House Intel. Dem: Sanctions Aren’t Hurting Russia, Biden’s Handcuffing Ukraine Too Much […]

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House Passes Bill to End 'Unconstitutional Sale' of American Data to Intel Agencies

The House on Wednesday passed legislation to ban the government from purchasing Americans’ private data from data brokers, which is considered a run around the Fourth Amendment. The post House Passes Bill to End ‘Unconstitutional Sale’ of American Data to Intel Agencies appeared first on Breitbart.

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Exclusive — Jim Jordan Has ‘More Stuff Coming’ on Ex-Intel Officials’ Letter Undermining Hunter Biden Story

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan anticipates providing the public with details that give “even more weight” to the revelation that 51 former intelligence officials sought to aid the Joe Biden campaign by using their influence to cast doubt on the Hunter Biden story in 2020.

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