12 Jul, 2024
1 min read

EXCLUSIVE: 100 Syrians, 50 Iranians Cross Biden’s Open Border in October, Says Source

According to a source within CBP, the influx of Special Interest Migrants across the U.S./Mexico border continues early in the NEW fiscal year as nearly 100 Syrian and 50 Iranian nationals have been apprehended by the Border Patrol since the beginning of October. The source says the influx of Syrian and Iranian Special Interest Migrants […]

1 min read

Iranian Journalist on Dem Islamophobia Bill: The Fear Is Caused by Regimes Who Beat and Kill Women, Not Us Speaking Out

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad said that liberals in the West tell her that if she talks about how women are treated in the Middle East, “you’re going to cause Islamophobia.” But

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