Left-wing Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Indicted for Fraudulent Mortgages on Florida Homes

Left-wing Baltimore, Maryland prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, an early figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, was indicted Thursday on federal charges for fraudulent mortgage applications on homes in the Republican-run … Read More

Joe Biden Appoints Special Envoy to Stem Border Surge as White House Asserts Situation 'Not a Crisis'

The Biden administration appointed a special envoy Monday to help oversee its efforts to stem the ongoing influx of Central American migrants to the U.S. southern border as it faces … Read More

CNN's Cuomo: Saying 'U.K. Variant' Is 'Very Different' from Saying 'China Virus' – 'I'm Not Blaming the U.K.'

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” host Chris Cuomo said that referring to the “U.K. variant” of the coronavirus “is a very different play than Trump made by calling … Read More