French Army to replace their legendary Peugeot P4
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French Army to replace their legendary Peugeot P4

The French Army has chosen the ACMAT Light Tactical Vehicle Station Wagon (ALTV SW) as its unarmoured off-road vehicle to replace the legendary Peugeot P4, used by the military of France.

According to the Ouest-France, the Acmat plant in Saint-Nazaire is to deliver 3,700 light tactical vehicles for three years for replacing ageing Peugeot P4 vehicles. In 2016, the company received the order for 3,700 4×4 vehicles for the French army. The EUR500 million contract will run until 2020.

ACMAT Light Tactical Vehicle Station Wagon (ALTV SW) is a militarized SUV. It was selected by the french army for the replacement of P4. The ALTV SW is compliant to OTAN’s standard thanks to its robustness and its performances.

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Also, should add that the ACMAT VLTP-NP is a rebadged version of the Ford Everest sports utility vehicle. The Ford Everest was developed in Australia and is produced in Thailand. Though some modifications were made to adapt this vehicle for military needs. The VLTP-NP has got a different engine and stronger suspension. This purely commercial design was chosen in order to reducue procurement and servicing costs.

Its modularity and its large internal volume are particularly suitable for patrol, personnel transport, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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Its payload capacity of 1 ton, its autonomy of 1,000 km and its robustness make it a vehicle suitable for all types of environments. The vehicle exists in several versions. It can be airlifted by twin-engine CN-235 and naturally heavier aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules, A-400M and C-17 Globemaster III.

Photo by Ouest-France

Photo by Ouest-France

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